The Easy

Vegan Detox

Eat well, Be well!

Prepare to have your taste buds tickled and mind blown!

We don’t believe in diets, we believe in improved health & well-being.

Discover why detox is important, IF you’re getting enough diversity into your gut health, all the techniques to flush out the bad stuff,
As well as 13 delicious recipes, over 50 food, drink & snack ideas and much more.

Yoga Teacher, Blogger-author Ruth Steel, delectably answers the Why and How of Veganism with your health and well-being in mind.

If you’re a curious vegan newbie, on-the-fence veggie or experimental omnivore, this book will diminish your doubts. You’ll discover you can get enough protein, improve your gut health and lessen your chances of developing serious illness by learning new things & making simple changes.

Are you ready to see how good you can feel!?