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The Gyan Mudra - Powerful Yoga Hand Gestures

16 November, 2019 | RUTH STEEL

Over the coming weeks I will be sharing weekly Yogic Hand gestures to expand your knowledge & self-practice tools!

The meaning of Gyan Mudra -

Considered on of the most important hand gestures, it has been practiced in meditation, pranayama & asana for thousands of years & continues to bring peace, calm & spiritual clarity within our journeys of self-growth.

Known as the “Mudra of knowledge”, it evokes an expansive version of they self to surface so you can flow through your life lessons with a sense of calm.

Also know to stimulate wisdom & knowledge, the Gyan Mudra is wonderful to practice when speaking to someone so you can act & react from your highest, most focussed self.


Lightly touch tip of thumb & index finger together, keeping the other three fingers straight & relaxed. Do this with both right & left hands & hold for at least five minutes.

Often seen practiced with back of hands resting on knees & elbows straight, there are endless variations on including this Mudra within your day to day life.


The Gyan Mudra stimulates the root chakra, easing tension & desperation.

It relates to expansion & knowledge.

An extremely calming hand gesture, it assists in bringing the practitioner spiritual openness & ease in meditation.

It is also know in traditional Ayurveda to generate the air element, thus stimulating the brain, empowering ones mind, nervous system & pituitary gland.

It certainly helps concentration & is even said to resolve insomnia.

Why I adore this Hand Gesture!

Simple, all encompassing & prettyuch can be practiced everywhere & anywhere to help assist your focus, concentration & connecting to the universal flow in any given moment by simply connecting two fingers!

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Yoga Mudras are incredibly healing which we could all benefit from.

If you know someone that could benefit of practicing Mudras, passing on your knowledge would be much appreciated.

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Ruth xx

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