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Lotus Mudra - Powerful Hand gestures!

November 24, 2019 | RUTH STEEL

Photographer - @vladraw at Vikasa Yoga, Thailand

Over the coming weeks I will be sharking weekly Yogic Hand gestures to expand your knowledge & self-practice tools!

The Meaning of Lotus Mudra

The lotus flower or padma as it’s known in Sanakrit, is a common symbol among Eastern culture representing loving kindness, personal growth and purity.

The Lotus Mudra, is said to open the heart chakra.

A lotus flower sits on the surface of the pond, opening to the sun as its roots remain deeply embedded into the muddy bottom, holding it firm and strong. It is the symbol of light emerging from the darkness,

What I love about this powerful hand gesture, is that it implies, that even if life may become somewhat muddy, murky and challenging, we all have the potential to grow, bloom and prosper.

Mudras have been used for thousands of years to direct prana or ‘vital energy’ throughout the physical and energetic body. For example, Jnana or Chin mudra are often used in a meditation practice to focus the flow of subtle energy and cultivate a calmer, more meditative state of mind, whilst Kali mudra and Abhya mudra are both used for overcoming fear.

The position of the hands combined with the intention of the mind can help positively direct thoughts & energy and serve as an essential reminder of the power we have to create change or overcome challenges.

The message of the lotus mudra is to stay connected to your roots, open yourself to the light and realize that the greatest sense of steadiness in life is an open heart.

How to Practice Lotus Mudra

Sit cross-legged or in any easy comfortable seated position, bring the base of the palms together at the heart centre, touching the thumbs and pinky fingers together. Spread the rest of the fingers out like the lotus flower opening toward the sunlight. Close your eyes and take several deep, long breaths.

There are many variations of this mudra that serve to offer something a little extra. The floating mudra is a great extension to try: inhale and slowly float (lift) the flower from your heart up to your third eye (forehead) and then exhale, slowly drawing it back to hearts centre.

Expand on this by adding the Lotus Mudra into a flow. Tutorial example video below.

Continue this for as long as you desire.

Movement inspiration incorporating Padma Mudra from seated into standing balance postures.

The Benefits of Lotus Mudra

Whilst practicing this Mudra & afterwards you should feel grounded and strong like a lotus flower, while opening your heart to the joys of life & what it means to live with love.

The Lotus Mudra helps to release tension, and is also practiced to enhance the fire element in the body. It is a great reminder of the beauty and grace that is within you and those around you.

You can use it for cultivating love and affection, to ease loneliness, and can also be practiced when one feels drained, exploited or misunderstood.

Lotus Mudra can also be symbolic for overcoming challenge, just as the Japanese philosophy of Kintsugi adopts the practice of fixing broken pottery with gold, thus seeing the breakage and repair of an object as part of its beauty and history, the lotus mudra tells us that beauty often emerges from the darkest of places. Practicing lotus mudra can help us reflect upon the challenges and obstacles we may have had to overcome in order to find ourselves where we are right now. Often our greatest strengths or insights are born of things that were once our greatest weaknesses. Our most important life lessons lead the way to greater inner strength, and the ability to make it through the metaphorical mud and murky waters serves to make us stronger, more resilient and wise when we finally emerge, rise up & bloom in the world.

Cultivating Love

I love to share actionable tools to help you in your journey. That's why I've uploaded a Free Meditation Podcast Episode so you can practice the Metta Bhavna or Loving Kindness meditation with me!

In this Meditation we cultivate the four attitudes of Love; Loving Kindness, Compassion, Sympathetic Joy & Equanimity. We do this by energetically sending our love is first directed outward and then back to oneself, coupled with Padma (lotus) mudra as a way of symbolically opening the heart chakra.

Technologically speaking, we're in a time when we're more ‘connected’ than ever, yet more lonely and longing for real human interaction.

The practice of sending loving thoughts to other is a welcomed change from clicking the ‘like’ button on social media….but don't take my word for it - Give it a go, and see for yourself!

Pup, Banksy is deep into loving kindness & the power of Padma Mudra too!

I Love LOTUS MUDRA & I love you too!

I love this mudra as it is a visual representation of the sacred space of the heart. It is also a gesture of growth & expansion from that space, an opening, rising & blossoming.

Share the Love

Yoga Mudras are incredibly healing which we could all benefit from.

If you know someone that could benefit of practicing Mudras, passing on your knowledge would be much appreciated.

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Tag me if you practice along with my Podcast Meditation or self practice with Padma Mudra so I can support you in your journey.

Lots of Love,

Ruth xxx

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