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Vegan Quinoa & Tofu Risotto / Homemade Choccy Delight.

Aug 13, 2018 | RUTH STEEL

Quinoa & Tofu Risotto with Red Pepper & Chilli Hummus

The hardest thing about being Vegan...

Is having the TIME to prepare fresh, wholesome foods and the confidence to experiment. If you've got a busy week ahead, why not triple up on these ingredients #batchcook & freeze good healthy food then you can defrost them the night before you know you've got those busy days & reheat on the hob as soon as your home - no prep, no problem.

(Did you know, when we reheat foods in the microwave using a plastic container, parts of that carcinogenic plastic get into the food we eat, which could heighten our risk of deleloping cancer. Kind of the same reason one shouldn't drink from a plastic bottle that has been out in direct sunlight. So stick to the hob you beauties, we already saved on time by preparing batch <3)


I was blown away by messages recently, from those of you saying you’d felt inspired to go MEAT FREE!

Give yourselves a HUGE pat on the back for your dedication towards health & happiness and thank yourselves for being mindful about what you feed your beautiful body & powerful mind.


I wanted to share with you, some Vegan treats I tried out last night that are not only healthy and nutritious but TOTALLY delicious!


One large glass jar of Chickpeas Half a Courgette 1 Large Red Pepper 1 Tomato Sweet Chilli Sauce Quinoa 1 Pack Pre-spiced Tofu Handful Spinach 1 Lime Vegetable Stock Cube Nutritional Yeast Flakes Free From Gravy Granules Optional: Black Olives Bourneville Cocoa Powder Agave Syrup Vanilla Extract Oat Milk


Quinoa Risotto Prep; 6 Tbs Quinoa in a pan 1.5 cup boiling water + vegetable stock cube

Chop Veg & Separate Chickpeas from Aquafaba or ’Bean Juice’ - did you know, that this BJ, which is usually wasted down the sink, is a great Vegan substitute for egg white & makes the fluffiest fudge texture in meringue, muffins & brownies too. Mm-Mmmmm!

🌶Red Pepper & Chilli Hummus Blend together; ¾ of the Chickpeas Half Red Pepper 2 Tbs Sweet Chilli Sauce Pinch Salt & Pepper And usually 1Tbs Tahini or I used a Dash of Oat Milk instead which made a more Salsa type consistency this time. - Garnish with optional Pumpkin seeds.

Spread on Toasted Rye or Brown Bread, Refrigerate the rest which will last you all week!

🌿Vegan Quinoa & Tofu Rissoto Add to your boiling Pan of Quinoa… Courgette Tomato Half Red Pepper Chopped Tofu Spinach Dash Lime Pinch Salt & Pepper 1Tbs Yeast Flakes Optional; Pinch of Free From Granules Olives

Stir & leave to simmer on low for 5 - 7 mins

Prep; 🌿🍫Vegan Choccy Delight Rinse Blender & Refill with; ¼ Chickpeas 2Tbs Maple or I substituted, Agave Syrup 1 tsp Vanilla Extract 1.5 Tbs Bourneville Cocoa Powder Dash of Oat Milk - Serve in glasses with optional garnish of cranberries & 2 chunks of Marzipan ‘Ritter Sport’ chocolate


Plate up Risotto - feeds 2

Eat, Enjoy, Relax, Love.

Thanks for stopping by & for taking care of your Health & Happiness.


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