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10% Human by Alanna Collen - Book Recommendation

Aug 13, 2018 | RUTH STEEL

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📚 10% Human by Alanna Collen is a wonderfully useful book for anyone & everyone wanting to improve their gut health & therefore mental health.

In this witty, insightful collection of scientific research Alanna explains, that;

"Most doctors would like to prescribe their patients exercise & a healthy diet to alleviate some, if not ALL of their problems."

To those who want a quick fix pill, without considering or being 'ill informed' rather, of the detrimental effects those antibiotics will have on our health, later down the line - this diagnosis, may seem unobtainable or like lots of effort.

Did you know that more people are suffering from Autism, Depression, Obesity, OCD & Allergies than ever before, due to over use of antibiotics!?

The ’quick fix’ from the Doc, certainly may seem like the easier option but it’s not necessarily the right one.

It's worthwhile remembering that amazing life saving Drugs like antibiotics, should be thought of & treated similar to that of chemotherapy - to be used only, when the pros outweigh the cons but never overused for viral infections, as they are so often nowadays or to hastily end that 10minute Dr appointment which is seemingly unresolved.

Are you a quick fix, pop a pill kind of person??

My gift to you, is an invitation to take the time with your own research into how important our GUT HEALTH is for our brain function, overall health & happiness.

This book is a great start & offers so much insight, into our colony of microbes & how they affect our lives right from the moment we are born.

Consider that most of us have been brought up following the habitual patterns of our parents/family and possibly never even questioned what our lives would be like if we chose different or 'harder' paths but it doesn't have to be like that. You have the power to choose and there's a tough but rewarding option that includes exercising more each day & eating a more diverse, healthy diet consisting of fresh food with FAR more fiber!

So, if you're still with me and thinking this is the important change needed for you & your family, this may mean - spending a little more time in the kitchen preparing food, #batchcook to save time where you can AND introducing new foods to the whole family for a delicious week of stubborn minds & squirming faces....but remember, you would take those antibiotics for a full week, without even batting an eyelid if the Doc had prescribed it & guess what, this is what the doctors are prescribing, we're just too warped by today's quick fix society to pay attention and besides, your taste buds will adapt & your body will reward you for feeding & supporting your microbes with healthy nutritious food so the more you have, the more you will naturally crave.

✨Change isn’t easy but it is 100% worth it and quite frankly, your life and the lives of those around you who you are willing to do anything for, depend on it.

I believe in you because I believe in me too. We can do this!

Exercise & mindfully move your body in as many ways as you can & do it because you LOVE your body and all that it does for you, the fact that we are able to breathe & walk, move, feel & experiencing all of life's pains & pleasures, is a privilege not to be taken for granted.

Finally, check out these Top 10 foods that are high in fiber to keep you feeling healthy & happy in body & mind.

🌿 Quinoa 🌿 Flaxseeds 🌿 Chickpeas

(If you currently buy your hummus at a shop & own a blender, you’re wasting your pennies & can make tons at home in 5 mins. Check out my Blog 'Quinoa & Tofu Risotto with homemade Red Pepper & Chilli Hummus.' You can thank me later...) 🌿 Lentils 🌿 Almonds & Walnuts 🌿 Split Peas 🌿 Black Beans 🌿 Figs 🌿 Berries 🌿 Avocado

How creative can you get introducing new foods into your cooking?

Share your fiber filled food recipes on Instagram & tag @ruthsteel_ so I can connect with you.

All my Love,



After losing my amazing Mum Debbie, to cancer in 2015, I have been training & researching as much as I can to learn about preventing illness rather than curing it.
I would give anything to know what I know now, to help improve her gut and overall health & happiness with a plant based diet, mindful exercise & meditation. Whilst I can no longer help her, I CAN and WILL help myself & others who are still able to make positive changes in this physical life.
Tomorrow is promised to no one, start making your gut & mental health a priority, today. <3


Stay tuned for my upcoming E-Book 'The Easy Vegan Detox' - How good will you feel with new diversity to your gut health?

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