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60 Self-care Tips & Ideas for mental and physical health.

October 18, 2018 | RUTH STEEL

Hello divine readers! Today I wanted to write about a topic I believe in passionately, looking after YOU! It’s so important to take time out of our busy schedules and do something calming & enjoyable to fill our own cup so we are more able to fill the cups of others. It doesn’t have to be anything flash or with precise planning, just an act of kindness that says ‘I love you’ to yourself!

Here is my list of #selfcare essentials you could incorporate into your daily life:

The self-care essentials, ideas list


#1 Listen to a recommended Podcast – It’s self-care for the mind & gives you something to talk about with the friend that recommended it. My faves include, 'Happy Place' by Fearne Cotton & 'Under the Skin' by Russel Brand

#2 Take a walk in Nature – connecting to the universal rhythm of the outdoors allows us to once again, find our center

#3 Have a cup of your favorite tea (maybe make some cookies especially to go with it)

#4 Have a candle lit bubble bath. Here's some of my fave Vegan Soy candles that can also be used as massage oil.

#5 Indulge in a Vegan Green Tea Sheet mask or dabble in a little Cruelty Free Mud Mask, you wont regret it and your rehydrated skin will thank you.

#6 Listen to your favourite, feel good music or learn to play some music. Sing in the shower, it produces happy hormones!

#7 Dedicate some time to read a new #selfimprovement book such as, Good Vibes, Good Life or The Miracle Morning.

#8 Organise the week ahead with some batch cooking to avoid meal time stress.

#9 Set a positive intention or affirmation & say it out loud three times per day. If you're struggling, don't worry - these How to Love yourself daily affirmation cards are a great help.

#10 Do some Yoga & journal how you feel right afterwards.

Did you know you can practice with me for free on YouTube.

#11 Meditate (useful Apps are Headspace, Calm & Insight Timer)

#12 Make your favourite meal (I’m a Vegan cooking enthusiast myself, check out some easy recipes)

#13 If you have pets, spend some quality time with them – in as little as 30 seconds, stroking animals produces happy hormones

#14 Sing your favourite song at the top of your voice – releasing the throat Chakra and building the sense of worthiness

#15 Paint your nails/toes or better still ask a friend to do it for you

#16 Light a candle, some incense or Palo Santo to clear negative energy

#17 Make a delicious smoothie (Healthy 5 min recipe here)

#18 Change your bed sheets, Mm that fresh linen smell is always a treat. Why not add a few drops of organic lavender oil to your pillow for an extra treat between washes to de-stress.

#19 Cleanse Tone & Moisturise your face

#20 Tidy your favourite space in the house. (Tidy space = Clear thinking mind) If you experience anxiety, tidying with some mindful breathing might be your thing. Check out Spark Joy the japanese method of tidying and the infamous Hinch Yourself Happy.

#21 Drink a large glass of water, your skin & digestive system will thank you

#22 Wash your feet, moisturise with coconut oil & self-massage

#23 Once a week, massage Coconut Oil into your scalp (it gets rid of dead skin & promotes new hair growth)

#24 Watch a recommended TV show or film

#25 Look in the mirror and say ‘I am beautiful and accept myself just the way I am’.

We all feel a little silly at first but you've got to start somewhere & it's amazing how many of us struggle to like ourselves, let alone Love. Stick with it, you deserve your own #selflove.

#26 Get creative – write, draw, dance, paint…

#27 Take some really deep, cleansing breaths (or learn some new breathing techniques with video tutorials)

#28 Clean all your make-up brushes

#29 Start a brand-new hobby/activity (and be aware of negative self-chatter, before you’ve even given it a chance)

#30 Sit outside and enjoy your environment – take a moment to close your eyes and listen to all the sounds you can hear in this moment

#31 Write down 3 things you are grateful for today

#32 Give yourself a Yoni massage – it doesn’t have to be sexual, I encourage you to explore and get to know exactly what feels good for your body

(more info and guidance)

#33 Clear out your wardrobe, donate & help others with the things you no longer wear or need

#34 Give yourself a neck & Head massage

#35 Put on your favourite hand cream and lip balm

#36 Do some exercise you enjoy (remember to move your body because you love it & all it does for you)

#37 Write a letter of advice to your younger self

#38 Write a letter to your future self

#39 Get 7-10 hours of good sleep – set a reminder so you prioritise it

#40 Do some gentle stretches in bed, when you wake up in the morning (Easy bed Yoga tutorial)

#41 Put on any music and move, exactly as your body wants to move (don’t overthink it – just dance like no one is watching)

#42 Learn a new song or musical instrument – everyone can sing & in learning new things we improve our cognitive performance

#43 Take a break from social media – it’s tough if it’s part of your job but could you plan ahead & take a break

#44 Spend time with people who bring you happiness and have your best interests at heart

#45 Make a relaxing den with fluffy cushions/blankets on your sofa or bed

#46 Take a new route to work (or walking the dog or strolling at lunch if you work from home)

#47 Go to your favourite café/restaurant, spend quality time & treat yourself to a Solo date

#48 If you have negative thoughts, write them down on paper – take it outside, burn it & watch your worries float away

#49 Appreciate those around you who are supportive - write thank you sticky notes with reasons you appreciate them and leave to be found

#50 Try to avoid using your phone 2 hours before bed, get back to that book or have a meaningful conversation with another

#51 Refurbish some furniture or old clothes (there’s tons of inspiration on Pinterest & YouTube)

#52 Write a love letter to yourself and acknowledge your strengths

#53 Take a trip down memory lane with your baby photos and old fond memories

#54 Drink some hot water with a dash of apple-cider vinegar & lemon

#55 If you have a cold or flu, sleep with slices of onion under your feet in a pair of socks

(a folk remedy shared with me in India & I’ve tried myself once and not had a cold since)

#56 Make time to wake up early and watch the sunrise – each new day is a new opportunity

#57 Say NO to the things that don’t feel right in your gut – it’s very much okay to prioritise YOU when you need to

#58 Spend some time on Pinterest, it’s great for inspiration and organising all the things you love

#59 Think of 5 things you LOVE about yourself

#60 The next time your angry or upset, take a deep breath & shake your whole body as you exhale (just like animals do) let those feelings regress before you speak or act - notice how it positively affects your #lifestyle

It’s so important to spend time loving YOURSELF – after all, it’s the closest, longest relationship you will ever have!

I hope this post helps with some ideas on how to look after you.

Have a great week,

All my Love



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