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'10 Ways to Reduce, Reuse & Recycle'

January 08, 2019 | BrawYoga

I never really gave much thought about what I was slapping on my face, dolloping on my hair, cleaning the house with or any of the habitual patterns of cleaning I had experienced growing up. I was always a curious child, I still am - but #Ecofriendly products, our #gutmicrobiome and #sustainability was not something I considered to question let alone challenge when I was a child.

Fun fact: My first job was cleaning at an elderly home, aged 14!

Having experience in the hospitality industry and coming from a family/society of ‘house proud women’ who are so used to thinking ones worth & value are presented in the upkeep of their house, I’d witnessed my fair share of being instructed how to clean and can see from where my ocd habits have come and the concern I had about always being clean. In-fact as I recall.... I was probably over-clean as a child! No wonder I always had eczema, hay-fever & spent many years being overweight. Now at 28, having a little more awareness but never enough knowledge. Having witnessed the devastating effects of the real shitty, life-changing illnesses like Cancer & Alzheimer’s in my family, it has to be the time for change.

Three years ago, I started to question it all & felt overwhelmed at all these changes to be mindfully made!

Can I alone make much difference?

Can I make all these changes, is it too much!?

That’s how it felt.... like I was blissfully ignorant before I knew of the way we have been influenced by the media & ones making money from not actually prioritising our health & wellness.

🌎 We’ve not even touched on the planetary scale of this toxic damage.

The more I learn, the more I realise I know very little but I am eager to keep learning, to do my bit and if this even brings awareness to one more person who feels they can make small achievable changes to look after themselves, their families & children and our planet....then I will be a very happy woman indeed.

As the Eastern world believes, we are all connected and must look to thrive with nature rather than against it.

What we think, how we feel & act, what we ‘consume’ in the ways of food, the company we keep, online influence, visual stimuli, sound, movement of our bodies (the houses to our microbial ecosystem that’s basically running the show,) as well as practices of mindfulness, awareness, meditation & becoming conscious are all connected to our overall state of being which is very much able to be improved upon regardless of genes and family history.

The more conscious there are among us, the better more sustainable place this world will be.

So, let’s TALK about it...and let’s be each other’s accountability partners!

Open up about your thoughts, if they're the same and especially if they're different from mine. Be open to exchange of opinions and reason, change & growth.

I'm open & ready, are you?

Let’s give suggestions to ourselves & loved ones, non-judgement & acceptance that we are all at a different place in our awareness but over time we can teach a new way of being, buying, eating, cleaning, minimising & acting with compassion to ourselves and all others.

It’s not going to happen overnight! I'm far from perfect & have still not checked off all the positive changes to be made on my intentions list below. I only aim to be the one person that sends a small ripple into the ocean among us which continues, leading towards saving ourselves, our families & our planet!

Small changes are achievable & together they makes BIG difference!

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10 ideas to Reduce, Reuse & Recycle....

💚 Eating Vegan - by choosing to eat more plant-based foods you can drastically cut your carbon footprint, save precious water supplies and help ensure that vital crop resources are fed to people, rather than livestock. Bite-size steps, it all makes a difference.

💚Reuse, recycle by switching to glass jars for food storage

💚Swapping cotton face pads for reusable cloth eye pads bought from a small business

💚 Switch to Natural shampoo & conditioner Bars

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💚Use organic Coconut oil in cooking, body moisturiser, hair care.

💚Switch to a homemade tea-tree oil & witch hazel with lemon & water as a natural face toner, face-mist AND Yoga mat cleaner all in one!

💚Gradually cutting out single use plastics - Reusable cups & flasks, bags for life, material fruit & veg bags, reusable straws, Lidl’s paper cotton ear buds

💚Introducing gradually, cruelty free Vegan, skincare, toxin-free toothpaste, tea leaves instead of teabags

💚Use a menstrual cup instead of pads & tampons! It is healthier, more convenient, Eco-friendly and cost effective - I’ve been using mine for almost 14 years (any questions, just ask - maybe a Blog post dedicated to this would be useful?)

💚Next time you upgrade or purchase a new, cooking utensils, toothbrush, dust pan etc....consider buying bamboo wood or copper instead of plastic

Thank you for your precious time, compassion and awareness.

Be well, because life if for living.

All my Love,

Ruth xx

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