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Welcome to this website and supportive community. If you’re a curious creature who loves self-improvement and reconnecting to yourself & others, you’re in the right place. My motivation has always been connection, since I was little, I’ve loved many mediums from movement, music, theatre & film. Although my classes and workshops can be challenging, we will always appreciate the experience in finding new ways to reconnect and have fun along the way. As a trained actress I am also passionate about supporting mental health awareness. Coming from this competitive background of performing, I can empathise with many ways we all feel pressure to perform in various difference corners of our lives. My greatest passion is the importance of self-care, self-love and more joy in the journey. I believe a mindful Yoga practice is beneficial to all minds & bodies, bringing about more fun and breeding more joy in the world as we create positive sustainable change.





In 2015 following the death of my amazing Mum, my whole life turned upside down. After struggling grief, anxiety & depression, I knew I had to start doing something for myself, creating healthy habits and positive change.

Finally, I started to pay attention to my own needs & began to focus on how I felt on the inside, letting go of all expectations of what the outside was doing.

I also started to realise that my Mother had never prioritised her own self-love & care enough - like so many parents - she adored my sister and I, yet her own needs were somewhat neglected.

I am passionate about your health & wellbeing!

We all stumble upon Yoga for different reasons and frequently it's when we need it the most in order to find peace & acceptance of all that simply IS in the present moment we find ourselves in.

Once we start to make this change for ourselves, we find new purpose to inspire positive change to benefit others too.




Hey I'm Ruth,

a traveling yoga teacher, author & entrepreneur from Rutland. I've been practicing Yoga on & off for the last 10 years though admittedly, until four years ago, the true essence of Yoga, had gone straight over my head. I used to practice Asana (postures) only, with a counterproductive mindset consisting of, competing for flexibility or 'Asana chasing', unkind thoughts towards myself & endless tiresome weight loss goals.

Maybe this sounds familiar?

Needless to say, when I practiced any form of exercise with this 'self-bullying' mindset, I continued to struggle with being overweight and never stuck to it to experience any real benefit.

Nowadays I work on mindset first and foremost, acceptance, body positivity, taking responsibility & owning my power.

Looking back, it's no wonder my former mindset lead me down some rocky roads in other areas of my life too!

So let's talk about what changed!


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I am qualified in Hatha, Vinyasa flow & Pregnancy Yoga.

My teaching style incorporates playful flows, curiosity & kindness from within as well as longer holds to promote long term stress adaptation.

Yoga, is an incredible tool to look after the body and mind. It teaches us to listen more intently, pay attention to how we treat ourselves & others and ultimately to live better, making choices that not only benefit ourselves but all those around us.

I aim to safely guide students in finding their own unique practice, that is free from expectation & comparison, compliments modern life and provides valuable tools to use off the mat, whether that's simple, at home practice, calming meditation or easy breathing techniques for you to take advantage of anywhere & everywhere.


Yoga means much more, than I could begin to express, it is a lifestyle that continually transforms the mindset and shifts our perspective. To me, is about love, gratitude & meaningful connections, helping us to live well & function better, using yoga as a therapy tool to help support our mental health.


Thanks for stopping by,

I look forward to guiding you in your practice soon.


All My Love,



"YOGA begins right where I am, not where I was yesterday or where I long to be."
- Linda Sparrowe

 I would like to take a moment to thank all of my amazing teachers at Vinyasa Yoga School, India. Sally Parkes Yoga, Edinburgh & Vikasa Yoga, Thailand as well as all my tutors from Mallorca, Bali and beyond for sharing your wisdom with me, I am truly thankful.

I will be forever grateful & promise to be a lifelong student of Yoga, forever playful, curious & excited to learn each day to continue to be the best version of myself.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for this gift you have given me,