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Hey, I'm Ruth.

Welcome to my website and supportive community.

If you’re a curious creature who loves self-improvement and reconnecting to yourself & others, you’re in the right place. My motivation has always been connection, since I was little, I’ve loved many mediums from movement, music, theatre & film.


Although my classes and workshops can be challenging, we will always appreciate the experience in finding new ways to reconnect and have fun along the way. As a trained actress I am also passionate about supporting mental health awareness. Coming from this competitive background of performing, I can empathise with many ways we all feel pressure to perform in various difference corners of our lives.

My greatest passion is the importance of self-care, self-love and more joy in the journey.

I believe a mindful Yoga practice is beneficial to all minds & bodies, bringing about more fun and breeding more joy in the world as we create positive sustainable change.

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"Ruth's classes are calm but fun, challenging & suitable for all levels."

"Welcomed with a warm smile and encouraging energy, you can guarantee you wont regret coming to Ruth's events."

"I always leave feeling reconnected, positive and at ease when I'm around Ruth."

"Ruth's Yoga retreats are a life changing, joyful experience I'm so grateful I have made new lifelong friends and can't wait for the next one."

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One of the main reasons we neglect ourselves is TIME & feeling like there's a lack of it, luckily I have a solution to prioritize YOU.

With online private tuition - I bring the Yoga straight to the comfort of your own home with tailored classes for your specific needs and courses available.


Contact me today to schedule a session.

Lartbert, Scotland FK5 3BW


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In a society that profits from insecurity, loving ones self is a rebellious act.

- Ruth Steel